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We are a team that is passionate about what he does.


We work collaboratively to achieve satisfactory results for our clients.

Quality production

Controlamos la calidad de los productos finales gracias al trabajo de personal capacitado.

Speed and efficiency

We increase our ability to production due to a job well done quickly and efficiently.

Order processes

Aseguramos la calidad de los productos, ya que el diseño se realiza en fábrica hasta que el producto se entrega al cliente para su consumo.

Our team leaders

Carlos Calle

General Manager

Gabriela Calle

Head of Accounting Area

Eduardo Molina

Marketing and Sales Manager

Carolina Calle

Head of process control

Jheniffer Alpala

Head of Purchasing

Sandra Reyes

Head of Quality Management

Luis Bermeo

Production Manager

  • Eva Román N62-18 y Bernardo de Legarda. Quito
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